I enjoy deep conversations.

So often that I would shorten my answers to questions, but there are always more to “I am great” , “I Love you”. Here are my answers to these kind of questions.

sit vq

If you were to ask me “how’re you?” “how do you feel now?”

Instead of answering “I am great”.

This is my answer. 



At this moment, i am at peace.

Not wanting anything from the world,

pure presence.

If you were to ask me “what do you want in life?”

Instead of answering “Happiness, love, health and wealth”

I would say..


Be Myself

Ever since i am awaken to light and possibilities,

I am much more aware of this feeling – conflict between wants and needs.

This human form, this mind, who have led this life in an automatic mode to survive, merely going with the society’s years condition to pursue endless lust and gold.

Now, there is this presence, this soul, awaken to the truth of existence, the purpose is to raise self-awareness, to breakthrough from the ‘given’ ideal self to one who is true to my being.

Why am I given this human form with such experience? There is always a whole reason to be here. Yes, I chose this experience to be myself.

If you were to ask me “what do you want to be?”

Instead of answering “a social artist, change agent, loving fun person”

I would say..


Highest Self.

I am un-becoming myself to a higher self. Lately I have done so many unlearn, relearn about the world, the people, the universe.

Every wisdom from books, videos, movies, quotes is such a reminder to remove the expectation ‘accessories’ I was wearing, undressing myself into a real raw wild shinning self. And, i am going to be one of the wisdom gateway for others.

I would walk through this path of blocks and flowers, being who I am. Dancing fearlessly, expressing freely, loving daringly, smiling brightly.

Note that no one can help you, but yourself.

If you were to ask me “what makes me happy?”

Instead of answering “good times with loved ones, chocolates, adventures”

I would say..



When I allow things as it should be and go with the flow, I would experience deeper realisation of these words with each events during the day.

As well as when I align myself, to be at the same vibration frequency as the universe, flow with it. Feel the abundance energy, the spiritual energy where it’s infinite. We all have what we needed. Look within.

At every present moment, I am happy. Without depending on the situation or people.

If you were to ask me “what got you here?”

Besides answering “a happy family, supportive partner and friends”

I would say something like..



Light from the dark got me here. These people below are my source of light where I grew within, they are public figures where it all started with a book by Tina Seelig – What I wished I knew When I was 20, this has opened my mind to step few more steps further.

Thank you Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Peter Sharp, Tina Seelig, Gary Zukav, Joseph Murphy, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Tim Ferris, Pat Flynn, Alan Walker, Jae West, Thich Nahn Hanh, Dalai Lama, Iyanla Vanzant, Bc Serna, Yoga with Adriane, S.N. Goenka, Jason Mraz, Coldplay, Clean Bandit, Running Man members, BigBang members and a few more.

I stop blaming, complaining, hurting. I started forgiving, loving. This little girl within me has grew up with their wisdom, and since then, everything changes.

If you were to ask me “who do I love?”

Besides answering “my family, lover, friends, everyone”

I would say more..



I love myself and every soul, every being in this universe.

No matter which identity of religion, colour, region we are from, it all lead to the same pathway.

Sending lights to you. Namaste, the soul in me bow to the soul in you.





A soul





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