Embracing Change 101

This Is My Personal Love Journey

The soul in me bows to the soul in you. Namaste.

Talk About Embracing Change


Heraclitus — ‘The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.’


I have been running away or stay put from embracing change. I am fear of losing, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment. So, I stay put, knowing that there are more opportunities out there which will bring good changes, I choose to procrastinate and do things last minute, a very bad habit of mine. 


When Is The Best Time? Here & Now


Pubius Syrus – ‘It is foolish to fear what you cannot avoid.’ 


It is until one point where I couldn’t take it if things remain the same, I demand and take action to change for the better.  This is the point where I take action to make it happen. There are a lot reasons why we would not embrace change, one reason for me would be I think that I am not worthy for the better. I am caught up with my own little talk, going through the mind with all the stories of unworthiness. Having inner conflict that didn’t know what would be the best move, so I stay right where I am. But, I find ways to shift my perspectives, get myself out of the story and move on for my highest good. 


Key Takeaway: Change Yourself, Not Others 

I learned the most important lesson is that, never look at others but look within myself, ask for what can I change, to be better. Never try to change anyone, or justify the behaviour of one, people show who they really are. Girl, I am moving forward. 


What i did was finding the root cause of my pain and fear, back to my childhood, visualise those pain moments, imagine one person came to you and talk to you ‘ it is alright, this is not your fault, everything will be fine’, and gave you a hug. I hadn’t been expressing my feelings since young, thus accumulation of suppressed feelings in teenage, and fully accepted myself last year. 


I found myself the freedom of mind I have always wanted when I value myself first, putting my needs before others. This is the case for a person with low self-esteem, sensitive, who experienced co-dependency in relationships, who is also an empath. Everything started with acceptance of who I am with an open heart, clear up the clutter mind, eat clean, work out, and now towards a healthy relationship.   


One last word, find the courage to let go what you can’t change. 


I love you, 

Vic Qi 

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