Dear Malaysians: An Invitation

Dear Malaysians, 

I am sitting in a mamak store nearby Dataran Merdeka (Malaysia Independence field), Malaysians favourite hangout place where all races could enjoy the food in any mamak stall. 

August has come by, this is the month where our country achieved independence and a month to celebrate together. As I remembered, a younger version of me would sing our national anthem every morning and Jalur Gemilang to spike up our Merdeka spirit. I love this celebration where we have Malaysia flags hanging all over the school compounds and everywhere we go we would see mini flags on the car or hung in front of the shops. I also remembered how have I enjoyed in colouring competition for Malaysia’s flag in school. 

But, things started to change since I entered university, where the celebration was not as emphasised as before, I started to see less flags decoration and we barely sing our national anthem, except a few times in the cinema. It has been 9 years since I left my secondary school, 9 years of mere celebration where we would enjoyed our time at home watching the marching band ceremony from the television. You know what the issue is? For most of us, on the day of 31st August, it is just a holiday to relax or travel. 

Well, it is good to relax, it is just that we do not feel compelled to celebrate with our friends, neighbours of different races and ethnics. One part is because we are often looking at our differences instead of commonalities. One thought occurs to me, what if, we break the ice by creating opportunity for Malaysians to be together, to share our stories, to understand each other more and forge new friendships or even strengthen current bonds. Shall we Malaysians? I know there are parties like The Rojak Project, the Nation Building School is doing a great job in putting Malaysians together, what if we could do our part now? If you have any interest to get to know more about your Malaysians friends, or you think there is so much more possibilities than current situation, you are welcome to join me. Let’s create this opportunity together in August and September! 

My story in secondary school: I have a mixture of friends from different ethnics which thanks to my mum in locating me into a public secondary girls’ school. My primary school was a Chinese school where we would speak in our mother tougue with 98% Chinese schoolmates, not much exposure to other races unless I was with my mum where her colleagues at that time was 98% Malays, so I had few Malay friends back then. Until secondary school where I studied in a school with balance of races. One favourite memory of mine is where I practiced my english language and Malay language. At the start, I cannot even communicate in full sentence for both language, thankfully I have a Chinese who do not speak Chinese language desk mate, we called them banana; I have a Malay friend sitting in front of me who trained my Malay so well; and an Indian friend sitting behind me which practise both languages with me. They are my blessings for the first year, thank you Jessie, Titisira and Darshini!    

What’s your Malaysians story?

Well, this is not the end, but the beginning! We can do our part with easy steps, if you would love to see more colourful stories and vibes, I encourage you to share your stories, it can be online or offline, here are what we can do. =)

Share Online:

  1. Your favourite Malaysians story and Thank your favourite Malaysians. Hashtag #SAM
  2. Record & Share what is your favourite of being Malaysians. We will compile a video of Malaysians.

Host or Participate Offline Events:

  1. Shall we talk? 19th August 2017, Saturday, Join here.

  2. Shall we play? 26th August 2017, Saturday, Join here

  3. Shall we eat? 2nd September 2017, Saturday, Join here.

This is where we commit to be in this together, if you would love to be apart, to build a stronger ties starting from our friendship, kindly let me know here:

Thank you and have a great day!



Vic Qi


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