How did I became a vegan? 

I used to consider becoming a vegetarian but I never thought it is for life, after watching What The Health documentary, I do not even consume eggs and dairy products now. And yes, my family and lover do get freaked out at first.


All thanks to Doreen!

I got to know this documentary through Doreen Virtue weekly message on Youtube where Doreen & Michael would share us weekly message with the angel cards, I find it really helpful (which I would post about it next time).

What is this about?

What the Health is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award winning documentary Cowspiracy. The film follows intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the secret to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases – and investigates why the nation’s leading health organizations don’t want us to know about it.

You might wanna check out these 69 Facts I extracted from here: 

  1. Worldwide we are looking at approximately 350 million people with diabetes
  2. 1 out of 3 medic1re dollars is spent on people with diabetes
  3. 70% of deaths and morbidity are largely lifestyle related & preventable
  4. Dibetes is not caused by eating a high carbohydrate diet or sugar
  5. If a child gets diabetes, 19 years could be taken off their lifespan
  6. One serving of processed meat per day increased risk of developing diabetes by 51%
  7. Over 17 million people die every year from cardiovascular disease
  8. The roles of alcohol, sugar, smoking, and meat-based diet towards heart disease
  9. Within minutes of eating dead meat bacteria toxins, the body gets a burst of inflammation, stiffening, or paralysing the arteries
  10. Blood vessel dementia caused by clogging-up of arteries from steady stream of fat and cholesterol
  11. The leading source of sodium in the american diet for adults is chicken
  12. The number one dietary source of cholesterol in America is chicken
  13. Eating 1 egg per day is just as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes per day for life expectancy
  14. The number one source of saturated fat is diary
  15. The eggs industry funds studies that confuse consumers
  16. The strategy of the meat, dairy & egg industry is to confuse the public, to introduce doubt not unlike the tobacco industry
  17. Four worries of fish: PCB’s, mercury, saturated fat and cholesterol 
  18. Fish have become mercury sponges
  19. Toxins bio-accumulate in fish flesh
  20. Commercial animals are largely fed Genetically modified (GMO) corn and soy
  21. Eating organic meat will not help you avoid contaminants
  22. Most of the world’s GMO crops are consumed by livestock with dairy cows consuming the most per animal 
  23. There is a strong link between dairy foods and autoimmune diseases
  24. Most people in the world are lactose intolerant
  25. Children are suffering from conditions linked to dairy consumption
  26. Milk is hormonal fluid
  27. Dairy product have pus
  28. Milk does not build strong bones
  29. Countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis   
  30. Dairy linked to many different types of cancer
  31. Only 5 – 10 % of cancer is genetic
  32. Dairy products increase the risk of cancers related to your hormones
  33. Dairy can increase a man’s risk of getting prostate cancer 34%
  34. For women who have had breast cancer, just one day of serving of whole dairy can increase their chance of dying from the disease 49% and dying from any disease 64%
  35. Human breast milk has 2.7/Liter of casein compared to 26G/Liter for cow’s milk
  36. There are at least 450 drugs that are administered to animals
  37. Pharmaceutical industry sells 80% of all antibiotics made in the United States to animal agriculture
  38. 23,000 people die each year from antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  39. 10 millions pigs in north Carolina produce the waste equal to 100 million humans
  40. Dead hogs are processed into feed and fed back to the hogs
  41. Raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector
  42. Raising animals for food is the leading cause of rainforest destruction, species extinction, ocean dead zones and fresh water consumption
  43. American Diabetes Association Diabetes diet and meal plan recommends foods associated with causing diabetes
  44. Low fat, plant-based diet is more than twice as powerful at controlling and/or reversing diabetes, than the ADA diet recommending meat and diary
  45. Cow milk protein causes antibodies in the bloodstream that attack the pancreas
  46. USDA admitted that eggs cannot legally be labeled: Nutritious, low fat, part of a balanced diet, low calorie, healthful, healthy, good for you or safe
  47. Dairy industry spends at least $50 million promoting its products in public schools
  48. Testing shows 88% of pork chops, 90% of ground beef and 95% of chicken breasts sampled were contaminated with fecal bacteria. 
  49. Do we have to eat meat to get enough protein?
  50. All protein is initially made by plants, plants are loaded with protein
  51. The largest, strongest terrestrial animals on the planet are all herbivores
  52. Vitamin intake, overall nutrition go up on a plant based diet from a meat based diet
  53. The food that you eat determines the bacteria that live in your gut
  54. Human closest living relatives re chimpanzees whom get 97% of their calories from plants
  55. You can stop and reverse heart disease with plant-based diets
  56. When people adopt a fully plant based diet their cholesterol levels plummet within a few days
  57. When people adopt a fully plant-based diet blood pressure comes down 
  58. 99.4% were able to avoid major cardiac events by going plant-based
  59. We took 174 consecutive patients with high blood pressure and all lowered their blood pressure enough to eliminate the need for medication
  60. Crohn’s disease & multiple sclerosis remission rates best ever achieved from plant-based diet
  61. Suppression of human prostate cancer and breast cancer cell growth given the blood of a vegan, in vitro
  62. Dr Walter Kempner, in the 1940s was reversing some of our worst killer diseases from diet alone
  63. We are not taught about the power of food in medical school
  64. If you eat meat, the chances of getting diabetes are about 1 in 3
  65. If you eat meat chances of getting cancer if you are a man 1 in 2, if you are a woman 1 in 3
  66. If you eat meat your chances of getting weight about 2 in 3
  67. There is no studies showing that eating eggs and meat in moderation can turn your heart disease around and get better
  68. There is nothing in an animal-based diet that you can’t get in an healthier form somewhere else
  69. The healthiest, cheapest, safest source of vitamin B12 is a fortified food or supplement

Then, you may choose if you would love to watch it, it was on Youtube but not sure if its still there.

So, what is a vegan?

The term “vegan” was coined in 1944 by a small group of vegetarians who broke away from the Leicester Vegetarian Society to form the Vegan Society. These people chose not to consume dairy, eggs or any other products of animal origin, in addition to not eating meat like the vegetarians.

Vegan Vs Vegetarian (extracted from here)

  • Like vegans, vegetarians do not eat any animal flesh; no chicken, pig, cow, sea animals, nada.
  • In addition to not consuming any animal meat, a vegan doesn’t eat eggs, dairy products or any other product derived from an animal.
  • Vegetarians, on the other hand, tend to eat eggs and dairy products like milk and butter.
  • Vegans also avoid using products that have been tested on animals, like make-up and skin creams, or products made from animal skins such as leather belts and shoes. But vegetarians tend to be a bit more lenient when it comes to using products derived from animals.

What transform me to a vegan?

There are a few reasons here, first is basically to be healthier (I have digestive issue & lactose intolerance), then to be ethical, good for the animals, and to have a better environmental.

It is a totally new experience! I have unlearn and relearn so many insights about food and diet, knowing that I can survive without eating meat, eggs and dairy products which plants provide protein as well. That kind of put me in a safe spot to be a vegan, the best point is consuming meat would actually increase risk of high blood pressure, diabetes type II and inflammation which kind of set me off. And knowing how meat, eggs & dairy industries are treating the animals, with all sorts of drugs, GMO food, I wonder how can I stay healthy like that.

So, i have been a vegan since early July this year and so far so good.

How can I stay from attempting a quick bite of meat, eggs, or dairy products?

I have replace my pleasure of eating meat, eggs, dairy products to pain point which I do not want to consume pain in my body. I know how painful the animals are, that is the pain I am talking about. (Watch the documentary to find out) But, to be honest, I am not making it hard for myself, but to do my best to avoid it according to my knowledge at the moment.

What can we do as a beginner as Vegan?

I suggest you to take up this 30 days challenge and do more research online & watch Youtube regarding the topic, that’s what I do. And, welcome to join the Malaysia’s vegan Fb group where we have World Vegan’s day on the 4th and 5th of November!

Something you must know before becoming a vegan.

I wish to share more about taking baby action steps and knowledge on the recipes, because I know there are plenty of wonderful yummy substitutes for meat which I have tried for 3 weeks or so. =)

See you next time!


Light & love,

Vic Qi


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