The Ice Breakers’ Smile-a-thon (Part 1)

Hi there! My name is VQ, I would love to share you a story, not about me, but about us. Here we go, not long ago, I was in KL waiting for train to come by, came across two foreigners with their backpacks. The voice in me asked me to move over and talk to them, well, share them about my country, Malaysia. But, something else stops me from doing it. The resistance inside me created a new idea, pop, I had the idea of having a big card written “#AskMe” and having the assumption that when people saw me having the card, they will eventually came over and we will have a conversation. Brilliant, is it not? I thought of one information kiosk for myself, like a pull marketing strategy.
The initial idea is to introduce Malaysia’s heritage, history, and stories, I wanted to do it! So, I wrote down the details, set a date, told a few close friends of mine and we head off with a camera and a cardboard. First stop, Masjid Jamek area, that was on Malaysia day, 16th of September 2016. During the evening, four of us walked around the neighbourhood and decided to have our dinner at Petaling Street. After dinner, the card was brought out laid out flat on the round table, that was the born of our first cardboard. We change it to #Talk2Me instead of #AskMe, as we know we didn’t know much about the area, the focus is to promote conversations and to break the ice.
Most of the people, of everywhere, would love to connect to each other (I believed), but only a few of us would take the first initiative to break the ice and talk. In the train and bus, it has been a habit to look down or look at the screen instead of talking. That night, we were there to make our first step to break the ice. A smile-a-thon started from one to the other, from Petaling street to Merdeka Square to KLCC the next morning. One, we challenged ourselves, break our own ice by holding #TALK2ME card in the public area. Only by experiencing it, you will know how sweaty you could be, dealing with public impression of us, we managed to do it, all 4 of us, pump up our skin, and made it through with a smile. 🙂
The intention of the smile-a-thon on set is just to have us smiling and walk in the public for awareness, and yep, recording. We hope to be the reason to make you smile now. =) This is the very first trial, if you are keen to be the ice breaker, join us, cause the last time i check, this coming Saturday, we are doing it again, but in a static mode, we will be staying in one place, and talk.
A short video compiled what we did on the Malaysia Day and the day after. 🙂 Special thanks to ZhiEe, Shanie, and Hubert for breaking the ice! Check out the video here:
Smile-a-thon: Let’s break the ice! Part 1.0
The objective of this mission is to smile and walk with a cardboard written “#Talk2Me, Let’s Exchange Stories” and pass to the next person to do the same action. Rules: Just do it, with a smile. On the 16th and 17th September, 4 Malaysians have walked through the smile-a-thon from Petaling Street to Merdeka Square and KLCC with mission accomplished. 🙂
Up next, our mission is to talk. 🙂
Vic Qi

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