An Update

Hi there, if you came across this post, either knowing or not knowing me, I sincerely welcome you and thank you for stopping by.

In the month of May, the first two weeks, I have set to interview 3 contributors of Gopeng’s economy and tourism industry, one is Mr. Nicklaus Ho of Gaharu Tea Plantation, Mr. David and Janice of Gopeng Rainforest Resort, and Ms. Yuen-Li of Nomad Adventure. All situated in Gopeng as an important role in the eco-tourism of Gopeng, of Perak. I gain so much insights about Gopeng with their creation, total wow-ness!

On the later 2 weeks in May, I have set to travel to Vietnam and Hong Kong. These two countries also blown me with the awesome creation of nature, people, culture and food, which kind of a contrast between the two countries. A new type of experience, but a mixture of people from all over, I saw how one backpackers’ hostel can have the mix of countries to all contribute for its hostel, which is a purpose to bring wonderfulness to those who stay there. I saw how one nature settings can attract people and how they promoted it as. I saw differences between a volunteering non-profit tour guide and a tour company, and which has the better popularity. All these were credited to the creativity of the people from all over and which in accordance to my believe that this can also happen in my home country, my home town.

Then, I have a list of sharing and documented the information and observations from all kind of experience. I have yet to post any of my sharing, in depth, like the 10 days meditation people have ask about. I have typed it down my experience, but what is stopping me, I asked. I have the desire to create a storyline, make it personal, which people can relate, and deep down I am so much happier because of the practise in meditation, thus, I feel the need to share about it first. It is just like writing a storybook, I have the outline, the menu, right now I am filling up the gap of the story. The introduction is done. But there is one more creation, which require manual work, thus the delay.

For those who are expecting a post about the experience for some time, I hereby apologize for not managing your expectation well in the beginning. I have this blood in me that I will not give up but i deem something was missing. The good news is, I have discover what was missing! This is about June, this month.

Right after the day I came back to Malaysia on the 29th of May, I spent a day in KL then went back to my hometown Gopeng and involved in a Childrens’ Opinion Workshop by SUKA Society on the 30th of May to 3rd of June (rest on 1st June). This is a 4 days workshop where SUKA Society came out with the content and activities to educate the aborigines in Gopeng age between 8 years old to 18 years old. Not the academic one, but more on allowing the aborigines to express their opinions, speak in English, know their roots, reaffirm their dreams and goals. The best part, they were also taught how to take photograph, where everyone has one camera for two days to complete their ‘kampung’ map. And we all get to have a printed copy of group photo each, how kind of you SUKA Society! So the whole week I got to meet and understand the aborigines and SUKA Society, with Chen-Li , Tsuey Xin, Kenny and Karen, in the home of the aborigines, with a super refreshing river. Not to forget a river bathing experience with them, heartwarming.

That’s for my first week of June. Then the second week of June, I have also approach an Ipoh tour company namely Ipoh Secrets where I followed one tour of John with one from Australia and one from England in Ipoh. The best part is, because of this, I studied the Ipoh’s history which lead me to Gopeng’s, Batu Gajah’s, and Kampar’s. All related to Tin Mining. Thanks to John, he brought me to Ho Yan Hor Museum and Han Chin Pet Soo (Hakka Miners Leisure Club). That day opened my interest towards history, from knowing where i came from, to the place i lived, to the place i studied. And today, I went to the Perak’s Library and spend the half day studying Malaysia and Ipoh stories. Tomorrow i am set for Gopeng’s history in Gopeng’s Museum. It gave me so many goosebumps for knowing what had happened before, of course i do need much guidance as well. So this history part was the missing part i was talking about. Now, I can link it up in a storyline!

Here is the update for what I have been through lately and yes, list of topics to be shared. Thank you for your patience and compassion with loads of love and care! I am a Hakka woman and am on my way to make things happen! =)

PS: When you can expect to see the storyline? Let’s put it by 24th of June, where the online version will be all up, starting from the meditation to Gopeng’s delights to interesting abroad stories to history including Ipoh and Gopeng. It’s not about my story but it is about how these benefit you and why. =)


Vic Qi


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