Life Tip#1 Look Within, Love Yourself.

Hey folks!

Here is a synopsis of VicQi’s story in 2016 (until now) is freshly created! Well, initially I am suppose to write, then I bump into this, creating a blog post using +Canva, you may try, its an awesome tool for me so far.

So, it is about this lady, she was a Operation Lead, then it hits her mental and physical health so bad that she had to quit the job and head home, back to her small town since the end of February. Since then, in 3 months, she went for a solo trip, a wedding trip, a couple trip, best friends trip, a self-discovery trip (in depth), with-her-brother trip, and her family trip.This journey has been a total transformation for her, especially the self discovery trip (in depth), she has practise a way to balance her mind. This is a story of this lady, where she decided to be herself and fulfil her own potential.

Kindly enjoy the ride and we will keep her story posted!


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