Hola! =)

I am working on a documentary for e-book: Finding Silence in Asia, starting from India (Chapter 1). This is a project focusing on how can we move from compulsiveness (addictions) to awareness.

If this calls you, you are welcome to be our first mover! =)


If you need content about human creation and wellbeing, I can write and create video about it. Request here.


About me


I am label as a calm person (with validation from friends), wherever I go or whoever I am with, I have this calm-ability to response calmly to the situation or person. I love nature and all creations of life. I enjoy a deep meaningful conversations with stars, love, universe and unicorns. I am in love with the beauty in life, either in light or darkness, I often find myself dwelling in duality as I was born in full moon (understanding from astrology).

I find it really hard to find suitable words to define who am I.

If I really need to, I would say I am a pure energy, aiming to vibrate in higher frequency to be my higher self. I am an expression of life, atoms of the universe to experience a human physical form life. My calling is to spread love and light, to raise consciousness of all being to be their highest self. I am here to heal my wounds and teach others to ways of self healing.

About my past


I am raised in a beautiful-full-of-love-family with two younger brothers. I am the eldest therefore I am holding a certain family responsibilities on my shoulder. I am close to my loved ones with strong family values, we would call our mum every day if we are not by her side. I studied in a Chinese primary school which I am thankful to know how to read Chinese, then studied in an English educated secondary school, to a university 20 minutes away from home. I have a protective parents and a partner which I am eager to get out of the comfort zone to grow.

There is one thing which I am still learning is to express my needs. I used to put my appearance as my worthiness when i was young therefore there is low self-esteem issue which I did not raise to anyone until I turned 18. Since 21 years old, it was a breakthrough year to participate programs to the city and out of Malaysia. The changing point was due to a book “What i wish to know when i was 18” by Tina Seelig. That widened my horizon to take up more challenge in life.

Another breakthrough is after I quit a startup job as a COO plus relationship breakdown, I took time to heal, I discovered Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth which changed my perspective in life to stay “Here & Now”. Adding up with a 10-day Vipasana Meditation practise by S.N. Goenka, I learned to accept myself and life as it is.

About my current situation


Personal: My lessons in life are very related to my personal relationships, particularly in romance, I am working on being aware when I am triggered to react. My partner and close ones are my best teachers in life.

Calling: I have been creating and hosting events for a year on human connection like “The Eye Contact Experiment” with The Liberators of Perth. This year I am focusing on making space for stillness to happen, because this is a stepping stone to connect ourselves before we connect to others. I learned via own experience.

I am working on Finding Silence Project to give the seeds of awareness on stillness, health and wellness from India to Southeast Asia.  Meanwhile, a group of friends and I are hosting “Reconnect & Recharge” event in Kuala Lumpur to take a break from digital devices to recharge with and inspire people to take action in building healthy habits.

About my future direction

calm sea


Step by step, I am moving towards creating space for growth and stillness to invite more people to experience it. I am also looking at working with partners around the world to explore this opportunity while documenting it.

This is the beginning of a lifelong mission.

Much love & light, 

Vic Qi